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The Last Man on Earth, Wolf Alice

Nancy Colbert reviews single, ‘The Last Man on Earth’.

A lot went on in 2020 and most of it involved the cancellation of plans, including the cancellation of live music which you may or may not have noticed. Unfortunately, this meant live shows haven’t really been a thing for a year now. And while BoJo may have laid out his roadmap, which implies the return of live music, it’s hard to know whether to blindly believe or stay cautious. However, here at WBH we are a half glass full kind of collective and so we were excited, to say the least when Mercury Prize-winning Wolf Alice announced a single, album, and tour. 

In February, Wolf Alice released the single ‘The Last Man on Earth’. The song starts slow, even for a Wolf Alice tune, without a memorable riff to hide behind. After two minutes you feel as though you have earned the right to listen to singer Ellie Rowsell’s considerably confident vocals. As soon as the tune picks up you are hit by a Bowie-inspired bass that solidifies the song as one of Wolf Alice’s best. When comparing to past performances, it is clear Rowsell has mastered the power and beauty of her brilliant voice rather than fear it. ‘The Last Man on Earth’ may not be what you’re used to from Wolf Alice but it perfectly surmises Wolf Alice as an independent band who care firstly about their sound. 

The band have a knack for taking the mundane everyday and adding an air of mysticism. And if ever we knew mundane it’s in 2020. Wolf Alice are the people you need to make life seem less monotonous. Every time I jump that 43 from Upper Street I can’t help but sing ‘Bros’ in my head and the world becomes a movie rather than a 9am commute. 

Let’s all stay safe, wash our hands and stay 2m apart while pre-ordering Blue Weekend before 23rd March and fingers crossed we see the band in 2022. 

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