LGBTQ+ Influencers You Should be Following

With Pride Month around the corner, I thought I would share with you my personal favourite queer influencers that you should be following on Instagram and TikTok. Following these influencers are a great way to educate yourself, or to just help you feel more of a part of the community.

Caitlin and Leah

These two women have been together for over 5 years, and they have accrued a following of 2.2 million people of TikTok, as well as having their own YouTube channel and Instagram accounts. If you want to be seeing more Sapphic content on your feed, then this account is definitely one to follow. They often post content on pranking each other, updates on their wedding and raise awareness on breaking gender norms. You can follow them on Instagram and TikTok @caitlinandleahh.

Matt Bernstein

Matt is a queer makeup artist who uses his platform to deconstruct heteronormative myths around gender and sexuality. They post content that is educational and intersexuality, using art and makeup as a way to express themselves. He has nearly 700K followers on Instagram, and is a great person to follow if your looking to support queer makeup artists. His handle is @mattxiv.

Madison Werner

Madison is a trans woman and queer activist on Instagram. She creates posts that educate people on topics of gender, trans femininity and trans surgery. She has nearly 30K followers, and uses her platform to make other transgender people feel safe and loved. It’s hard to believe she isn’t verified, but hopefully that will change soon. You can follow Madison on Instagram via @madisonnwerner.


Tanzeela is a queer and feminist activist, she uses her platform to single-handedly deconstruct the heteronormative patriarchy. Most of her posts consist of content that asks her followers to examine their own internalised misogyny, as well as busting norms in society that are either sexist or homophobic. She has nearly 7000 followers on her personal account, @thatrebellady, but 142K followers on an activist account she co-founded, @fuck__patriarchy.

Max Balegde

Max is well known on TikTok, with 966K followers, he posts funny videos that often relate to the queer community. His humerous and blunt personality is often the source of my laughter when scrolling through TikTok. If you’re ever in need of a good laugh than Max is definitely the person to follow. His handle on both Instagram and TikTok is @max_balegde.

Spencer Freitas

Spencer is a lesbian non-binary queer and mental health advocate, and they have 174.3K followers on TikTok. They post a mixture of content: some humorous and queer series’ such as ‘That Shit was Gay’, as well as more educational videos on topics of gender and sexuality. Their handle on Instagram and TikTok is @spencerrfreitas.

Hopefully this has given you inspiration to fill up your social media feeds with LGBTQ+ content creators, not only for Pride month, but also all year round.

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