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what does LGBTQ+ culture mean to you?
who do you think of? what does the future look like?

LGBTQ+ Influencers You Should be Following

With Pride Month around the corner, I thought I would share with you my personal favourite queer influencers that you should be following on Instagram and TikTok. Following these influencers are a great way to educate yourself, or to just help you feel more of a part of the community. Caitlin and Leah These two […]

10 Outstanding Queer Comics Of The Past 5 Years

Alison Bechdel’s Fun Home (2006) is the queer touchstone of comics. A multi-genre classic, a lesbian graphic memoir and now an award-winning musical. Fun Home is essential queer reading the world over, seminal to contemporary lesbian culture and even signalling — ever seen a ring of keys hanging off a butch’s belt? (It was already […]

Wolf Alice the last man on earth

The Last Man on Earth, Wolf Alice

Nancy Colbert reviews single, ‘The Last Man on Earth’. A lot went on in 2020 and most of it involved the cancellation of plans, including the cancellation of live music which you may or may not have noticed. Unfortunately, this meant live shows haven’t really been a thing for a year now. And while BoJo […]

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