๐Ÿ‘‹ how do I get involved?
we are currently open for submissions from writers, illustrators, photographers and other brave humans. if you are interested, you can read our guidelines here.

we’re a company and interested in working with you on a partnership. who can we contact?
that’s great to hear, can’t wait to find out more! you can contact us via email at hello@webravehumans.com or shoot us a message on our contact us page, we’ll get back to you asap.

I wanna submit content but can’t commit to a full post yet. what can I do instead?ย 
if you’re on instagram, you can upload a unique post tagging us @webravehumans!

why is Brave Humans only available online?
as it stands, we are looking into the future of Brave Humans, and seriously considering a monthly print issue. weighing up the sustainability, demand and finances currently!

Updated: 1st February 2021

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