we would love to hear your ideas for any written content that surround queer art & culture, we want to produce amazing pieces covering film, TV, music, fashion, reviews, art of all forms, and more! bravehumans are also keen to hear from photographers, artists, and photojournalists who’d like to work on producing a digital exhibition.

although we review submissions from all, our preference is to publish work by those who identify as LGBTQ+.

if you want to apply to become a contributor, that’s great news! shoot us an email at and we can get you set up in our contributors Facebook group where we post prompts, call-outs for content, and plan ahead for events.

submission guidelines:

if you have come up with an original idea, it is preferable that you pitch to us first at

  • if you haven’t written for us before, introduce yourself and include your pronouns.
  • provide an overview of the piece you’re looking to write, and tell us why it’s interesting to you.
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